Actions to build momentum for your campaign

Accessible, flexible tools to help you launch petitions with a few clicks.

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Add multiple sponsors with a few clicks

Show the coalition behind your action to give credibility to your cause.

An example product interface displaying a "sponsored by" dropdown menu with example organizations including "Democratic National Committee, Extinction Rebellion, and Poor People's Campaign."

Easy, detailed reporting

See who signs your petition, track traffic sources, and download a list for delivery in seconds.

An example product interface displaying a list of selection options to include or exclude for audience targeting. Options include: state, county, country, etc

Add images and videos

Easily add media to make your petitions stand out.

An example product interface displaying how to edit a petition description, with buttons to add an image or video.

Deliver by email or on paper

Two methods of delivery help maximize your impact.

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The tools of choice for the…

Powering you to inspire action


letters sent


event attendees


progressive groups using Action Network

how it works

Choose your advocacy target

Who needs to hear from your supporters?


Tell a story that compels action

Use the petition editor to make a case for your supporters to sign your petition, using images and videos if you’d like.


Add any partners

It’s easy to include your full coalition of sponsors.


It became easier for us once we had the tools that were easy to work with, once we knew that anybody can create a petition, anybody can send out a form.

Emi Guereca

Get started

Mobilize communities, raise money, and engage supporters with tools built for change-makers, by change-makers.

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